Fat Dog!

Here’s a sketch of a fat dog from a painting in the National Gallery (can’t remember which one- there are lots):

fat dog

The Crocodile and the Sandpiper

crocodile and sandpiper copy


The crocodile lets the sandpiper sit in his mouth without eating him.

Amazing exhibition coming soon, get involved!

Happy New Year folks! I hope 2014 is starting well and your resolutions have already been abandoned with glee.

This is post about a project I’m involved in. The project is with Traces London who make multi-disciplinary immersive art & design events. It’s going to be taking place at a secret location in London (it will be revealed at a later date, that would just be madness not telling anyone where the venue is)! The idea is that you follow the clues which lead you to the event, gaining some context of what you are about to see…

Their previous work is pretty fantastic, so it would be great if any of you can help get this next project up and running. Any donations to their Kickstarter would be greatly appreciated, here’s the link (with a beautiful film, might I add):


There’s a bit more info about what Traces do and what sort of prize/return you can get for your donation on the Kickstarter page, so even if you can’t spare the cash take a look and see what they’re up to!

I’ll try and post some more stuff about it as the weeks go on, but if you happen to be in London in February do not miss it!

We found it! (Donald Barthelme)


So it’s not a myth…

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Friday 13th

fish border1212121


So, here’s my attempt at digitally colouring in a drawing. On reflection, the colour of the fish is a bit jarring in comparison to all the darker, more muted shades I used elsewhere  but I’ve decided it’s far too late to change a thing.  Please let me know what you think/ if you have any other colour suggestions.

I’ve taken a slightly left turn on this project and I’m taking a holiday break. In the meantime, I’ve set myself another project. I’ve been reading The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham and I’ve decided I really want to make some patterns based on triffids. So….keep your eyes peeled for some hilarious prints of triffids eating people (I’m working on one at the moment)!

Here’s a little decorative piece of some guppy fish I’ve been working on this weekend, I’ve tried and changed a few different things with it as I’ve gone along and I am currently trying out some different effects with colour which I’ll post when their finished.two guppies

fish border22

three fish in border



Dumbo Octopus

Again, a real thing. Honest.

dumbo1 copy

Aaaand, this is a slightly fictitious version:

dumbo2 copy

They are really cute, so I definitely recommend looking them up.

Online portfolio

Hallloooo there! With the best of intentions I’m trying to keep my online portfolio up to date and an ongoing project to reflect any new things I’ve been up to….so, after a very long break I’ve put some of my more recent stuff up. I’ll put the updates on here as I go along so keep your eyes peeled. As always, any feedback would be lovely.


The Frightful Musicians — James Ensor


There’s me centre left with a candle on my head!

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